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Redundancy: A dip in the pool:

  In the final part of the series we look at whether you can exclude some jobs posts from being pooled for redundancy despite having the same job title and the same duties as others in the pool.   The short answer is yes provided the employer has a good reason for excluding some posts [...]

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Redundancy: Another dip in the pool

  In yesterday's post we saw that the law requires an employer to think about the issue of pool and provided the pool is reasonable the Employment Tribunal will not interfere. Jobs should be pooled by interchangeability.   In today's post we will look at geographically dispersed employees all performing the same role.  Let's use [...]

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Dipping our toe in the redundancy pool

      In good weather a dip in the pool is welcome. As the weather is good I will keep it brief. The law on redundacy pools is straightforward. Provided the employer has conisdered the issue then the choice of pool is not one an Employment Tribunal can substitute a view on.   The [...]

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Latent Discrimination:

    When I first started in employment law almost 30 years ago, discrimination was less the elephant in the room and more the elephant rampaging around the UK unchallenged.   Latent discrimination was rife. It was baked in to employment law. More institutionalised than an old lag serving a whole life sentence at the [...]

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8 HR Maxims

  1. A redundancy exercise leaves the employer's body with less fat but more muscle. The selection process, like a gym workout, should identify which muscle groups need working and how much excess fat needs to be reduced. 2. The best HR procedures are guidelines not tramlines. 3. Discrimination is often covert rather than overt, [...]

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Unconscious Bias:

I've been in business almost 20 years. In that time I have made some bad decisions. I've employed people who I shouldn't have by overestimating my ability to recruit [The Dunning-Kruger effect]. Made unwise IT purchasing decisions because of the perceived  need to be up to date [Pro-innovation bias]. Not stopped unviable projects quickly enough [...]

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