Cemetery Workers Play Matchmaker for Lonely Swan

To end your week with a bit of positivity, we have a heartwarming story making headlines of the lonely-widowed Swan, Blossom, finding another chance of love after staff at the cemetery created her a dating profile.

Previously, Blossom lived with her partner Bud for 5 years on the edge of the cemetery.  The pair of geese were always by each other’s side wandering around the cemetery looking for food.  However, unfortunately, Bud was killed by a wild animal, leaving Blossom wandering sadly around the cemetery on her own. Blossom reportedly seemed to walk past the office window and stare at her reflection as well as displaying other signs of grief and deep sadness.

Staff at Riverside Cemetery posted an advert, stating the widowed swan, Blossom was looking for ‘a life partner for companionship.’

Not long after the advert of Blossom was posted, a couple reached out to staff about their widowed male goose, Frankie.  The pair first met on Valentines Day and shortly after meeting, the pair wandered off together. Since then, the pair have been inseparable.  They both now live together at the Cemetery and have created a new life together.