Personality quizzes have been a thing for a while now and is a method used to evaluate someone’s personality which is usually grouped into: listener, mediator, thinker, defender, campaigner, or energizer.

A new personality test has gone viral recently because of its long and bizarre scenarios it interactively places job candidates in as a blue humanoid alien that represents the job candidate. In each image it asks the candidate to “answer honestly and go with your gut” by clicking ‘Me’ if the image generally describes them or ‘Not Me’ if it does not. The answers are used to rank the applicant in terms of “agreeableness” and “emotional stability”.  The characters are created to be race, age, and gender neutral.

Scenarios have included applicants for food and customer service roles being shouted at with the caption “not much bothers me” or showing the applicant walking out of the office at 17:06 and waving to a colleague with the caption “No Overtime”.

Big names such as McDonalds and FedEx are using the personality test, with one applicant for a software role at FedEx withdrawing his application because he was so offended by the Paradox quiz. Another applicant had more than 80 scenarios to respond to for a job as a bartender!

Applying for jobs can be time-consuming and subjecting your applicants to tedious and confusing application processes that include strange personality quizzes is a sure way to produce inaccurate results and make candidates lose interest!