A tv show involving creative prankster, Oobah Butler, showed him taking on Amazon by going undercover at one of their warehouses, creating a fake drink that reached one of their best sellers and getting his two-year-old niece to order age verified products using Alexa.

Whilst undercover, he discovered poor working conditions that included a lack of permitted breaks resulting in drivers leaving bottles of urine by the entrance to avoid punishment from Amazon.

He also created a fake drink with ingredients like the chemicals that comprise urine, which was then bought by a network of friends and family to put it at the top of Amazon’s best sellers, hilariously leading to Amazon promoting it!

He also got his 2-year-old niece to order knives and poison using Alexa that shockingly did not question the orders or ask for age verification. Viewers of the show with Alexa found that when this part aired their own Alexa devices had ordered knives and poison, with each of these orders now likely to cost Amazon £5k for failure to verify age before purchase.

He also wanted to get his own back on Amazon for avoiding tax, so ordered tarmac from the site, filled potholes with it and filled the tarmac packaging with sand and sent it back for a full refund.

He’s also gone to the extent of publishing some advice aimed at Amazon employees who believe they cannot whistle blow due to clauses in their contract.

Most bricks and mortar multiple chain retailers have mystery shoppers checking whether checkout staff check their identity for alcohol or cigarette purchases. Quite why Amazon don’t have similar systems beggars belief.