Shocking photos of former England cricket captain, Freddie Flintoff, recently circulated the news, when he appeared with significant facial injuries nine months after being involved in a crash, while filming Top Gear in December 2022.

It was reported this month that he has now reached a financial settlement with BBC and the figure is rumoured to be worth £9million! It is said the sum is made up of two years’ loss of earnings and will support his continued rehabilitation, return to work and future plans. Sadly, the incident has left him with significant emotional trauma too.

The show was brought to a halt immediately following the crash and, rightly so, the BBC stated it would be inappropriate to resume the series whilst an internal investigation was being carried out.

This incident has raised major health and safety concerns as the open-top car he overturned had no airbags and he wasn’t wearing a helmet! This tragic event was also witnessed by a lot of the production crew who were signed off sick with PTSD.

This isn’t the first time Top Gear have been in the news, with a similar story dating back to 2006 involving presenter, Richard Hammond, crashing a car at a terrifying 288mph leaving him in a coma for two weeks!

Albeit this story is one of extreme circumstances, health and safety is an area all employers are familiar with and having to be aware of the likes of risk assessments, whistleblowing, allocating health and safety managers and public and employer liabilities.

It’s worth remembering that there is an implied term as to indemnity in every employment contract. This means the employer must indemnify the employee for any loss or injury, or death sustained during the course of employment.

Should you, or someone you know require legal advice regarding health and safety at work, please contact one of our team, who will be able to assist you.