This week’s feedback comes from one of Kyle’s clients, all at PJH Law are very proud of Kyle’s achievements, as a new member of the team he applies kindness and empathy to whatever he tackles:

“It feels good to have my life back.

Never loose that personal approach you gave me, because it’s easy to see people as numbers than humans, in our line of work, it’s the truth. This is what makes you stand out and people will always choose you out of other solicitor companies. I believe you will go far in your profession, you can just tell. That’s based on over 14years experience in working with professionals such as yourself.

I know a good professional when I see one. You were friendly, professional, warm, knew your facts, were clear in your communication, acted without delay and most importantly your actions showed you cared not just about getting paid, but about me as a customer. You treat me kindly even though we never got to the point of acting on payments and that shows character and the type of company you are representing.

I hope to never need you in the future, but if I do need an employment solicitor, It’s you I would contact.”