We saw a very strained claim for sexual harassment reach the news this month. Let’s say, as an example, you had a boss named Alex Goulandris. At the bottom of a work document, you see the letters ‘AJG’. What would you believe those letters to represent? Whatever you are thinking right now – you are wrong. Well, at least in the interpretation of the claimant in this case. Karina Gasparova believed that the letter actually stood for ‘A Jumbo Genital!’

Other claims in this case saw a work request for ‘complete the following: The solution is currently used by xx Agris companies and yy Barge lines in corn cargoes in south-north flows in the ???? waterways.’ Again, I ask you to interpret this message to try and understand the meaning being conveyed. And again I’m going to correct you. This seemingly innocuous request was actually code to solicit sexual activity. According to the claimant, the xx’s represented kisses, the yy’s to sexual contact, and the ???? to represent when she would be ready to engage in said sexual acts.

I will leave what the claimant considered an ‘alluring voice’ firmly in your imagination. But for those of us who not looking for Dan Brown-esque methods to harass our co workers you will be glad to know that having placeholders for information is unlikely to count quite yet.