A whistleblower in the Isle of Man has been awarded over three million pounds in compensation following her unfair dismissal claim. Dr Rosalind Ranson was a medical director at the Department of Health and Social Care up until 2022. Prior to her dismissal she had raised concerns about how advice relating to COVID was not passed onto ministers, flaws in the data and modelling which were being used to make decisions, and calls for the island to stop their reliance on Public Health England.

After these comments she was made to feel ‘marginalised’ and endured a ‘period of torrid humiliation’, with her superiors becoming ‘frustrated and irritated’ with Dr Ranson’s challenges. Their behaviour sought to then undermine her position and exclude her from her duties. When the department was changed to Manx Care, her role was not ported over, leaving an ’empty shell role’ used as a way to further exclude her. With almost £1.5m being assessed as loss of future earnings, this figure is yet to include the legal costs, which are to be assessed in the coming months.

For anyone unaware, the law protects those that blow the whistle if you report an act of public interest which comes under any of the following categories;

  • A criminal offence;
  • Serious health and safety risks;
  • Risk or actual damage to the environment;
  • Miscarriages of justice;
  • Breach of civil law; or,
  • Someone is covering up wrongdoing.

While bullying and harassment does not normally come under whistleblowing, given the nature of these facts this was deemed as sufficiently serious to warrant their engagement. The presiding Health Minister has since stood down and issued a formal apology. Dr Ranson said: ‘the tribunal’s decision is not just a victory for me, it is also a victory for the principle of whistleblowing and for doctors having the freedom and independence to speak the truth.’

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