A B&Q worker has been banned from every one of their stores after an expletive ridden outburst over the announcement system just after being dismissed. Recording this interaction on social media, the voice echoing across the store said: ‘this is a customer announcement. I just got sacked and B&Q are c***s. F**k everyone. Have a nice day.’ It seems that the worker in question was called into a disciplinary by his manager following complaints that he was vaping outside of the designated smoking areas. Whether the meeting was intended to be a disciplinary or a warning isn’t clear, but I think the odds of him being invited back now are pretty small!

While this was only a temporary job for the student in question, for most of us who need to work in order to survive, this may not be the best way to end your relationship with an employer. It is always worth remembering that a reference can be a valuable asset when seeking alternative employment, although, making national news for a social media post swearing at an ex-employer probably isn’t the best way of maintaining a professional image. I’ll have to remember that for my next networking session.