1. A redundancy exercise leaves the employer’s body with less fat but more muscle. The selection process, like a gym workout, should identify which muscle groups need working and how much excess fat needs to be reduced.

2. The best HR procedures are guidelines not tramlines.

3. Discrimination is often covert rather than overt, more latent than blatant.

4. Bad apples, like tumours, do less harm if identified and removed as soon as they appear. Be less H.R more D.R. Surgical. Clinical.

5. Consultation = propose, listen, respond, decide. In that order. P before D.

6. Conflict of evidence during a disciplinary or grievance? Make a decision on who to believe not what fence to sit on.

7. A whitewashed grievance pours salt and vinegar on fresh wounds. Be more judicial, less chip shop.

8. To lose one Employment Tribunal may be considered unfortunate, to lose two is carelessness, to lose three will land you in HR Gaol.


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