Channel 4 and Monzo have made headlines recently for becoming among the first businesses to adopt a specific miscarriage policy.

By law, employees only become entitled to maternity/paternity leave if their child is stillborn (when their child dies after the 24th week of pregnancy or during birth). There is no legal entitlement to maternity/paternity leave if they have a miscarriage (when their child dies within the first 24 weeks of pregnancy).

However, Channel 4 and Monzo have adopted their own miscarriage policy, allowing for a full (paid) 2 weeks off work in the event of a miscarriage. The policies also cover employees using a surrogate mother.

We say this is a step in the right direction. It is obvious that miscarriage is a terribly traumatic event, and employees cannot be expected to perform at work after such an event. Perhaps the law is in need of reform in this area.