And now for the lighter side of the news, which won’t be difficult as this newsletter has been about the Working Time Regs and facemask dismissals.

First up, be careful who you invite to your work Whatsapp group. Aaron Ledster, 25, found himself added to a group of people who thought he was their manager. He cottoned on to this quickly and thought he’d make the most of it.

He initially asked, “who are you?” and “why am I in this group?”, only for its members to presume it was their witty manager trying to wind them up. Aaron then proceeded to ask how everyone’s wife and kids were and scheduled in a round of drinks for the team.

When one employee replied, “I would love to join you for a drink!”, Aaron replied “fu** off, nobody asked you”. He then told the remainder of the team that they were all fired for being “sh*t”.

One of the employees video-called him to dispel the confusion. He answered, and the two exchanged vacant glances before the employee cracked and apologised for getting the wrong number. Aaron replied that he had got the right number and that he had just been sacked.

If any of the employees are reading this, we are ready to take instructions.