For those unable to keep track of whatever app is currently in vogue among the youth, TikTok, a Chinese social media app that allows users to dance along to music, is currently a favourite.

Lucy Skinner worked for Co-Op in Cumbria. She is somewhat of a TikTok tycoon, and regularly posts on the app. Apparently, Co-Op took issue with her wearing her work uniform whilst doing so..

A link to her page is here

Lucy was not pleased and is reported to have said “The worst thing I did is call customers ‘Karens’ but it was a joke and I see it all the time on TikTok, other supermarket staff in Tesco or even NHS staff do it, so I thought I wasn’t doing anything wrong.”

She also posted a video accusing managers of double standards when dealing with difficult customers. She admits that she might have overstepped the mark here, and said “I can see where they were coming from with that one, but it was only a joke”.

Arguably heavy handed from Co-Op. Today’s generation are used to putting just about anything on social media. This story reminded us of a Tesco employee who was shunted for posting a decidedly more risqué video on social media.