I can safely say that an outbreak of a deadly virus and a lockdown of indefinite duration was not part of PJH Law’s 2020 business plan. Darwin’s laws aren’t suspended. Adaptation is key.  Every individual and organisation has to adapt to survive and thrive. Here’s PJH Law’s adaptations and lessons we’ve learnt from having to adapt so quickly.


The right attitude is critical. Humility is all important. Thankfully PJH law is fairly well positioned to ride through the financial consequences of a lockdown, so I have checked my privilege, and checked it daily.  At each morning meeting we check our privilege. We remind ourselves that, outside our bubble, people are battling this lockdown in cramped accommodation and with little or no money. Stressed people may call and we need to handle those calls in an empathetic way. As individuals within a team  we are privileged to live in houses with gardens and have jobs where income is being maintained. There are plenty of people out there who are struggling and struggling badly. We have done our best to ensure we have helped those individuals and businesses who are struggling through this.  We have reminded ourselves that we need to remain positive but realistic. We need to be comfortable with uncertainty, ambiguity and change

2.Teams in Microsoft:

This has been an eye opener. It was a part of the MS Office product suite that the business had not used fully, Teams was there but ignored as the trusty old MS Office applications outlook, word, excel were used. Teams has come into its own with remote working and is a key part of our working day.   We now use it for:

  1. Morning and later afternoon team meetings and catch up call via video.
  2. We use the planner tool within Teams to plan our activity and see the activity across the business. The tasks inputted into the Teams planner show in each team member’s outlook calendar.
  3. Video calls with clients.

3.Sharpen the Saw:

New files are not being opened at  anything like the pre-lockdown rate. New business workloads have dropped as the economy has ground to a halt. Business is coming in but nothing like its previous rate. That opens up the question as to how we fill our time. Quite easy to answer as we are doing the following:

  1. Getting our current Tribunal and Court caseload fully up to date and ahead of all orders. The Planner in Teams shows the date when court and Tribunal orders have to be complied with and we are getting ahead on all our current caseload.
  2. We have a number of ongoing product projects that will enable the business to be positioned well on the grid when the chequer flag goes down to end lockdown. These products dovetail well with the anticipated move in the economy to more homeworking and fewer learning and development activities being carried out in a group or classroom setting.

4.Getting Fit:

Well all those old excuses about me not having time to get fit are out the window. There’s no commuting excuse to hide behind, fatigue after a long day isn’t available as a defence.  If I am not going to get fit in a time when time is the one thing I do have then I never will. So I have been out running and slowly building up my fitness levels. If you want to feel better about your running speed and running duration then follow me on Strava.