We have already covered a few big cases of the year, including the BBC equal pay case from two weeks ago. However here are a few cases to look out for in 2020:

Aslam v Uber: The Supreme Court will finally give definitive and, more importantly, unappealable judgment on the employment status case of Uber drivers. Currently the drivers have been successful at ET, the EAT and the Court of Appeal which suggests they have a good chance of winning again and the stall is merely a means of Uber prolonging the inevitable.

The Supermarket Equal Pay cases: Already mentioned above, this could give a new view how like work is considered and could see some very large awards! Co-op was the latest supermarket to receive a multi-claimant equal pay claim and they all could be out of pocket due to the potential of awards being six years back pay!

Royal Mencap Society v Tomlinson-Blake: One we have covered previously that, like Uber, has been appealed several times. This case will define whether sleep-in shifts count towards working time for purposes of NMW calculations. Across several claims against many similar employers it is believed that any decision could result in more than £400m of awards.

Dewhurst v Revisecatch Ltd: One for all you TUPE fans, yes we know you are out there somewhere! This case will determine whether couriers, who were traditionally deemed as workers, count as employees for the purposes of TUPE. This case was controversial at ET so expect any EAT decision to be appealed.