Following the introduction of gender pay gap reporting in 2017, other forms of pay reporting have been touted as a means to identify and address other demographics that are likely to hit a glass ceiling and see their pay and career opportunities stifled.

This month the Office of National Statistics’ published data which estimated disabled employees are paid over 12% less than their non-disabled comparators. The gap equates to around £1.50 an hour less which could be up to £3,000 a year.

This month also saw Sally-Ann Hart, Conservative candidate for Hastings and Rye, state that she believed employees with learning disabilities should be paid less than non-disabled employees as they do not understand money. Ms Hart won her seat and increased the conservative majority in the constituency.

She has since stated that she is sorry if she offended anyone with her comments. As stated previously, the collapse of the Red Wall may mean she is unlikely to be heading up the Department of Work and Pensions any time soon!