From one gig economy article to another. There was a time when SamCam rivalled Kate Middleton as the woman who spawned a thousand “NAME looks ADJECTIVE in CLOTHING at EVENT” articles on the sidebar of shame. These days, since the Camerons have taken a back seat post-referendum, Samantha Cameron has been focusing on her high-end fashion brand, Cefinn.

Mrs Cameron has come under fire for offering 3-month unpaid internships to work for the company working under the Arts Director in branding. The issue here is that someone that heavily involved in the running of the business is probably a worker or employee and therefore entitled to the national minimum wage, statutory sick pay and 5.6 weeks annual leave.

The company has been reported to HMRC by a workers awareness group and it is interesting that a person who was so closely linked to British Government and surely aware of many political hot potatoes would openly engage in what many believe are exploitative practises against young people. Perhaps the fact the company made over £900,000 loss in its first year goes some way to explain the need for free labour.