With Christmas around the corner and Black Friday deals well underway, now is not only the beginning of the season to be jolly but also the season of round the clock courier deliveries. The online shopping boom means couriers are busier every year and this shines a light on the gig economy.

We have long mentioned that one of the upturns of finally getting Brexit done – whatever that entails – will mean a resolution to many other longstanding political issues that have been in the long grass for three years (it is that long now the Environment Agency wish to call it a wilderness area outstanding natural beauty)!

In the meantime, Ken Loach has released a documentary film on the gig economy called Sorry we missed you. The film focuses on a couple who enter the gig economy following the 2008 recession and their struggles thereafter. It is loosely inspired by Don Lane, the DPD courier who died after he was told he would be fined for attending doctors’ appointments.

The film serves as a timely reminder that, despite the festive deals, there is an unrecognised class of worker whom many of us do not see. Probably much less cheer than Last Christmas but certainly still one to watch.