This month there seems to have been an explosion of absurd incidents that have made the tabloids. As such we have four – yes four! – tales of hilarity, stupidity or sheer incredulity for you to end this month’s update.

Our first such tale concerns an Appleby Tiles named Jack. Jack entered into a customer services chat with Amanda Holden, of daytime tv presenting and Britain’s Got Talent fame(ish). Amanda Holden had ordered some tiles from Appleby but had been delivered the incorrect ones and was trying to organise a refund for the tiles that had been incorrectly delivered.

During a customer service chat, the employee known as Jack (the less showbiz cousin of the artist formally known as Prince), admitted that the company had delivered the wrong tiles in error. But, rather than offer a refund or arrange the delivery of the correct tiles, Jack insisted that only the shipping costs could be refunded and accused Amanda Holden of trying to use her celebrity status to obtain preferential treatment.

In response, Amanda Holden posted the exchange on social media, tagging Appleby Tiles. Jack was subsequently dismissed. Regardless of the customer’s celebrity status, dreadful customer service can have severe reputational damage when the customer complains online. This is risk is exponentially increased when the complainant has a large social media following. Hell hath no fury like a customer scorned!