Starting as we mean to go on, our next unbelievable story is an Australian case involving a sex toy prank. Tara Odgers was a lorry driver for a mining company subsidiary of BHP. She had recently been the victim of a prank by a colleague who put pizza on the roof of her accommodation.

In response she pranked her colleague when they went on a business flight. She placed a sex toy in his hand luggage and also took some butter knives from the work to place in the bag as well. As her colleague went through the metal detectors, the knives tripped the alarm and her colleagues bag was searched, uncovering the sex toy. Ms Odgers filmed the event.

Ms Odgers was dismissed for the event which not only related to the prank but also the theft of company property. However, BHP did not follow the disciplinary procedure resulting in Ms Odgers being awarded over AUS $6,000.