As always we round off with a tale of the unexpected. This month we have two such peculiar tales for you. Climate change protests ad Greta Thornburg have seldom been out of the news this month. People from all around the world have taken to the streets to show that climate change is a concern to them. In other environmental news, one company has taken a rather extreme approach to promoting sustainability.

Intelligent Hand Dryers has updated its company policy to make single use plastics a disciplinary offence. Staff who repeatedly use single use plastics could be liable for dismissal. To help staff adjust the company has also introduced free fruit and cakes to minimalise plastic use of brought in snacks.

The company also hopes that banning single use plastics will result in staff spending more of their breaks out of the office as they will not be able to eat a meal deal at their desk. Instead they will most likely eat a meal deal on a public bench whilst the employer is none the wiser to their surreptitious single use plastic habit!