As always, we round off with another calamitous escapade that would make even Frank Spencer cringe. This month’s tabloid tale combines both football and foolishness and comes courtesy of French international footballer, Adil Rami.

Mr Rami, recently separated from Pamela Anderson, was part of France’s World Cup winning squad in 2018. In 2019 he appeared on a celebrity edition the game show, Fort Boyard. There was a short-lived UK version hosted by Dirty Den Watts for those with good memories for the obscure!

So far so good, except, Mr Rami had called in sick with his club, OM Marseille, stating he was injured on the day the show was recorded. Despite being too injured to play football, Mr Rami was shown participating in many physical challenges during the episode, including mud wrestling. If you are thinking of pulling a sickie, best not to have the incident captured on national television!