After two bleak posts on bullying and equal pay, it is time for some cheerier news. Annual leave is something that has been a big topic over the past five years. However, coverage of the issue tends to focus on average pay following a series of holiday pay cases – including a recent one regarding voluntary overtime.

However, brewing company Molson Coors has broken that cycle this month by announcing it will give an additional two weeks’ annual leave entitlement for life leave. The leave is aimed at employees going through big life events such as planning weddings and house moving to ensure they are not using annual leave entitlement for stressful events.

The company already offers a 31-day annual leave entitlement and generous provisions for bereavement leave. Its latest move is designed to improve work life balance and increase work place productivity. PJH Law would make a fair wager the Molson Coors do not face the same bullying issues as described in our previous article.