This month’s update is rounded off by another tale from the tabloids. This month’s yarn is a bit of a mystery. It involves a rogue Quorn factory employee who had reportedly hidden a chicken nugget in a pack of veggie cocktail sausages to sabotage the brand. An innocent Vegetarian, much to their dismay chowed down on the sausage unbeknown to the fact that it had been contaminated by real meat. Matthew Barlow, 42, has not eaten meat for 20 years and wasn’t sure what the nugget was when he took a bite.

Following contact from Barlow, Quorn Foods collected the nugget and confirmed it was in fact chicken. The manufacturer then revealed that the sausages were produced at an undisclosed plant in the North East that also handles meat products.

Quorn foods have pulled people off the production line and interviewed them, but nobody has owned up to the act.

If the worker had been caught in the act PJH Law would argue that they would be liable for gross misconduct.