We round off this month’s update with another tale of the unexpected. This month’s tale concerns an Australian employee who sued his employers for, amongst other things, his line manager’s flatulence.

David Hingst has sued his employer, Construction Engineering, was forced to leave following a campaign of bullying and harassment. Part of this campaign included Mr Hingst’s manager, Greg Short, regularly walking behind Mr Hingst and would thrust his bum at him and fart. Mr Hingst would then be trapped with the smell in his small windowless office. Nice.

It is also alleged Mr Short was abusive over the phone and made taunting gestures to Mr Hingst. However, the main thrust of claim seems to be that Mr Hingst views Mr Short’s flatulence as a form of bullying. At PJH Law, and as part of this feature, we have come across many cases of unusual work place behaviour but this is definitely one of the most bizarre.