The Taylor Report has been sat in the long grass for some time, we reference it in nearly every gig economy case! This month saw the Business Secretary propose introducing some of the Taylor Report recommendations. These included:

  • Allowing gig workers to request fixed-term or fixed-hours contracts after 12 months
  • Simplify criteria to help determine employment status making it easier for workers and employers to know where they stand
  • Allowing compensation for cancelled shifts
  • Tougher requirements on holiday pay and payslips
  • Better enforcement for Tribunal Judgments

Whilst vague, there is the overwhelming hint that the Government were at least trying to implement the review and clear up a very messy area of employment law. However, the suggestions have been met with scepticism from the cabinet who are reluctant to burden business with Brexit volatility very much on the agenda.

For now, the suggestions can very much be filed in the “under review” back burner placing it metaphorically in the bottom desk drawer people use to put all their things in when complying with a clear desk policy inspection.