This summer we started running employment law analysis about topical pieces of news. One of our first features was the vilification of the Shahmir Sanni, the Brexit whistleblower. This month we are able to report an update on this case following Mr Sanni taking his former employer, the Tax Payers’ Alliance, to Tribunal.

The particulars of his claim can be found here. The Claim states that Mr Sanni was dismissed owing to making protected disclosures about the Vote Leave campaign and due to his philosophical belief in the sanctity of democracy. It also alleges detriments as a result of the media maelstrom that Mr Sanni found himself in following his disclosure; this included being expressly called a liar and being outed as gay.

In a bizarre and unprecedented move, the Tax Payers Alliance has conceded the claim. Rather than defend the claim and have an Employment Judge examine evidence in the public domain, the Alliance concedes that it unfairly dismissed Mr Sanni due to his belief and blowing the whistle. It also confirms it orchestrated a series of derogatory statements about Mr Sanni in the media.

Readers can make their own inferences on why a political organisation accused of illegal  funding would want to avoid the public scrutiny of evidence. The next step for Mr Sanni will be remedy; how much compensation will the Tribunal award for his dismissal, discrimination and detrimental treatment (a perfect hattrick of employer abuse)? The TaxPayers Alliance can contest the remedy, conceding liability or failing to defend a claim doesn’t prevent that. However, given the stature of the organization, a political “think tank”, and the admission of liability, hopefully the Tribunal will award an appropriate sum for an institution that should know better.