As always, we round off the newsletter with another light-hearted tabloid topping tale. Every month we try and bring to you the most ridiculous stories as found in the Sun and/or Daily Mail. This month’s entrant goes to a British Airways employee, Sid Ouared. Sid was dismissed from his job at British Airways, just two weeks after starting, for wearing his hair up in a bun!

Mr Ouared worked in the customer service job at Heathrow airport. Just two weeks after getting the job Ouared was dismissed because his hair style did not fit in with British Airways uniform policy. Before being dismissed Ouared was given three options: to either cut his hair, put it in a turban, or get dreadlocks. He told his employers that he was neither ‘Sikh’ nor ‘Rastafarian’ and was later sacked.

Ouared also points out that his hairstyle was never discussed during the interview process and that female employees can work freely with their hair up in a bun without fears of dismissal. He claimed that senior staff members told him that his hairstyle made him ‘look like a girl’. The treatment could amount to sex discrimination and harassment, man buns have many detractors and it seems BA are certainly one of them!