This month’s issue has been heavy, unfortunately the news this month is a tad political and contains grubby issues like smearing and institutionalised racism. However, to lighten the mood we have something absurd and silly, whether it be getting caught on tape having sex at work or being sacked for peeing in a bottle, every newsletter ends on a ridiculous note.

This month’s tabloid tale features a waiter who was dismissed for being rude. Guillaume Rey, was a waiter for a Canadian restaurant. He was dismissed for being dismissive and rude to customers. He has initiated a discrimination claim and believes the restaurant have discriminated against him due to his French culture.

If tutting at mispronunciation of a wine and having disdain for someone who doesn’t know what chard is are part of culture than this claim may well succeed. In reality, it more likely will not as hospitality and poor manners do not go together as well as chicken and wine.