Lighter Side of News


Lighter Side Of The News: Kiosk Keith Kicked Out

To finish off this month’s update we have another tale of the bizarre. Over the years we have seen some remarkably silly things – a personal favorite being someone who when at his disciplinary for alleged swearing opened the disciplinary meeting by saying, ‘what the f**k is this about?’ – and every now and again similar tales wind up in the tabloids.

This month’s numpty is Kiosk Keith, who some readers might recognise as the grumpy extra from I’m a Celeb. Whilst the contestant’s behavior doesn’t go down well with Keith during Dingo Dollar Challenges, his own behavior has gone down like a lead balloon with colleagues.

Keith, real name Raymond Grant, 52, has been dismissed from the show after reports of making unwanted drunken advances towards a female co-worker, who was considerably younger than him, on the shuttle to work. Following the revelations about sexual harassment at work last year, particularly in the entertainment industry, this sort of behavior will hopefully become a thing of the past.