Gender Pay Gap Reporting

As many of you will be aware the BBC had to publish the salaries of all of its staff (96 members of its ‘talent’ team) earning over £150,000. The publishing of this data has revealed two things:

  1. Radio 2 DJs earn a staggering amount in comparison to other ‘talent’ employed by the Beeb – 2.2m for Chris Evans!?!?!
  2. There are obvious gender and race pay gaps

In terms of race pay gaps, only ten people from BAME backgrounds made the list, one of which, George Aligiah, was in the Top Ten. The combined pay of all BAME stars on the list (£2.24m) was only just higher than the minimum salary Chris Evans could have earned (£2.2m).

The gender pay gap also shows some stark figures. Firstly, the highest paid female presenter, Claudia Winkleman (£400k), earns less than a quarter of the highest paid male star, Chris Evans (£2.2m).

Secondly there are several instances where female presenters earn considerably less than their male co-stars. In some cases, such as the One Show, this difference is around £50k. However, in some cases – BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 4 – the female presenter earned several hundred thousand pounds less than their male co-star, or, was not even earning £150k and therefore not on the list.

A full breakdown of this, including some informative graphs can be found in this article published by the Guardian. The data shows that two things the BBC prides itself on; equality and diversity, do not reflect in its pay data.

Any employer having to publish their gender pay data next year should see this as an example not to follow. We have always advised doing a test run beforehand to check for, and eliminate, any potential gap. Failing that, if there is a gap, eliminate it before you publish your data. That way when you announce the data you can clearly show that you weren’t aware of it before the snapshot date but have already taken steps to eliminate the gender pay gap.

Had the BBC done this there would be less outrage over inequality and more outrage over how much Alan Shearer and the bloke from Casualty earn!