As always we round off the newsletter with an incredulous employment law story that has wound up in the tabloids. This month, to counterbalance the high political features, we have three tales of smut, vandalism and ‘banter’.

Our first case is a classic example of why staff should not fraternise or make themselves too familiar with clients/customers outside of work. Ms Ross worked in the bar of the Chiltern Firehouse hotel, a popular destination for celebrities.

Whilst promoting a film, Mr Bloom spent five nights at the hotel and became friendly with Ms Ross and invited her up to his room when her shift ended. The following morning, after Mr Bloom had left for an interview, Ms Ross was found naked by the hotel’s management.

Ms Ross was dismissed for fraternising with clients but, if her comments to certain newspapers are to be believed, it was worth getting sacked for! To date, Mr Bloom and Ms Ross have not exchanged numbers.