Snow Policies

Hello, we apologise for not sending a case law update this week. Unfortunately there have not been any judgments that easily transfer into practical advice yet this year.

However, we would like to remind you about a piece we ran this time last year about severe weather policies. Last year it wasn’t needed however this year the weather has caused disruptions.
Transport systems and communication networks are often the worst hit sectors of infrastructure during severe weather so any employee who can work remotely should as they may be more productive owing to travel difficulties.

Finally, in such cold weathers employers should ensure the working environment is in keeping with the Health and Safety Executive guidelines of 16′C for sedentary roles and 13′C for more active work.

To compensate for no case law this week we have devised a simple song for snow policies –
Oh the weather outside is frightful and remote access is so delightful. If all the roads are closed, work from home, work from home, work from home!