Sports Direct Scandal

The Sports Direct scandal keeps rumbling on. The latest papers to be filed with the High Court have revealed that women returning from maternity leave were moved onto zero hours contracts and were therefore ineligible for the company’s bonus scheme, a PCP that clearly puts women at a disadvantage.

Furthermore, employees transferring from companies purchased by Sports Direct also had zero hours contracts imposed on them, despite having guaranteed hours at their previous company, which is a breach of TUPE Regulations.

This has led to over 188 employee bringing a claim for breach of contract after missing out on bonuses. A further claim by staff transferred from other companies has been bought due to the breach of TUPE regulations.

This month Sports Direct has also confirmed that it will pay one million pounds in back pay to over three thousand members of staff who did not receive the minimum wage. The company is also expected to face a two million pound fine due to them failing to pay the minimum wage. A heavy price for some serious failings.