A recent government report suggests that up to 390,000 pregnant women experience negative and possibly discriminatory treatment during pregnancy and maternity leave, or on their return.

Many mums surveyed said that maternity leave negatively impacted on their career and the report estimates that 54,000 women are forced out of work each year due to the issue.

Over two thirds of mothers had flexi-time requests approved, however, over half of those who had flexitime granted said there were negative consequences.

The report also found that 70% of employers believe women should declare during recruitment whether they are pregnant whilst a further 25% believed they should be allowed to ask about a female applicants plans to have children.

recent case we covered shows discrimination can take many forms other than dismissal, including, losing out on workplace benefits, not being allowed time off maternity appointments, not being allowed breaks to express breast milk and having to perform duties that would put your child at risk.

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