The first two football instalments might have led you to believe, that for footballers at least, it’s grim up North, however, our final instalment will clear up that misconception. Last September you might remember a piece we did about former Chelsea FC doctor Eva Carneiro.  A mediation hearing was held this month but the parties have been unable to settle meaning there will be a full hearing in June. As a discrimination claim, the case is not only against Chelsea FC but also their manager at the time, Jose Mourinho. This highlights the importance of individual as well as collective responsibility towards discrimination. Officially the reason a settlement was not reached was because the parties were far apart financially and also Ms Carneiro wants a public apology from Mr Mourinho. Interestingly it is widely speculated that the case was unable to settle because Chelsea FC may want a hearing so the full details of their former manager’s conduct are publicised, making it difficult for him to be employed by a rival team.