It has been 6 months since shared parental leave has been introduced and whilst it has yet to revolutionise parenting it is very much an option for soon to be parents. At the Conservative party conference, George Osborne announced plans to extend shared parental leave towards Grandparents.

It is estimated that nearly 50% of parents rely on grandparents to some extent to cover childcare upon their return to work. It is believed that with people working well into their late 60s this family help will become difficult in the future so the right to parental leave will be extended beyond parents to grandparents.  This will allow parents to return to work but also allowing grandparents to stay in work instead of quitting their jobs.

However the idea has been met with criticism stating that it may reduce parents taking parental leave to bond with children and instead burden grandparents, whilst some believe it is slippery slope to allowing aunt and uncle leave. The policy won’t come into force until 2018 but it is something worth bearing in mind if you have an older workforce.