protected disclosures

Whistleblowing, putting your head above parapet in order to highlight issues for the benefit of the public. Where would you think these people would feel most comfortable about making a disclosure? A, the BBC. B, Poundland. C, the United Nations?

If you picked C then you are wrong. It has come to light that staff at the UN who make protected disclosures often suffer detrimental treatment and disciplinary action. This includes:

1. A senior UN diplomat who was sacked and arrested after raising concerns about corruption

2. A women who was dismissed after reporting the rape of a refugee

3. A man who was suspended after he reported peacekeeping forces for sexually abusing children

If any employee is left with the choice between keeping their job or blowing the whistle then it is unlikely many acts of misconduct would ever be reported.

Public accountability is an important legal principal and if an organization as big as the UN does not have the right mechanism in place to handle protected disclosures then it suggests reform may be in order.