Social Media is becoming a hot topic in many businesses. As well as being a valuable business tool for marketing and staff recruitment, social media can present a number of risks – both legal and reputational to organisations when used inappropriately.

Those risks can be mitigated by ensuring all employees understand their employer’s rules on the use of social media – both in work time and outside of work time where the latter impacts on their job. There are numerous examples of dismissals for misuse of social media being found by Employment Tribunals to be unfair because of the employer’s failure to communicate a clear policy on what is and what is not permitted where social media is concerned.

PJH Law’s Virtual ARM service can help by providing an online training course on social media. Employees’ are assessed at the end of the course through a multiple choice quiz and the results of that quiz are logged as evidence that the employee has been told and understands what is expected of them where social media is concerned.

For only £79 plus VAT per month with unlimited users, PJH Law can provide employers with Social Media training as part of its Virtual Arm service. ARM will monitor which employees have passed the course and report to the employer if any employees fail to take or fail to pass the course. All that’s needed to use the ARM service is a computer with an internet connection. A learner management system is not needed as this is provided as part of the Virtual ARM service.

Also included in the £79 plus VAT per month is PJH Law’s learner management system pre-loaded with online learning on Dignity at Work, Display Screen Equipment, Bribery Act, Computer Use, Manual Handling and more.

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