The EAT Rules require that  a Notice of Appeal and all supporting documentation should be lodged at the EAT within 42 days of the Tribunal judgment.  In the case of Mrs Parkinson and Mrs Heyes v Lancashire Mind Ltd the Notice of Appeal was sent in time but copies of the original Tribunal ET3’s were not included and a page was missing from the written reasons.  The Claimants argued that they had sent all documents but the e-mails containing the missing documents had not been received.

The morale of the tale is not to leave (if at all possible) filing an appeal until the last minute.  There should always be sufficient time to file an appeal and then correct any omissions.  In this case, the Tribunal wrote to the Claimants the next day to advise of the omissions but, by the time the letter was received and acted upon, the filing of the additional documentation was out of time.

Rules are rules!