Michael Rubinstein Publishing publish a handy booklet called Equal Opportunities Review. In June’s edition they have a summary of 2008 discrimination cases heard by Tribunals.

This is very useful as it allows practitioners to remind their clients, both Claimant and Respondent that large Tribunal awards for discrimination are outliers ie they are statistically possible but unlikely events.

Key points:

Average/ Median Compensation Awards in 2008

Age Discrimination            £15080/4503

Disability                           £21,339/£8000

Race                                   £18200/£6325

Sex Discrimination            £13312/£9109

Sexual Orientation              £33,724/£6364

Combined                           £37655/£26014

What the numbers tell us is that the one off large 6 figure award do inflate the average. With regard to the median of the 189 successful Sex Discrimination claims 95 were awarded less than £9109. Of the 31 successful Age Discrimination claims 15 were less than £4503

Similarly the average injury to feeling award was £6612 and the median £4800

The total award figure (compensation and injury to feelings) also illuminates. Sex Discrimination for example of the 189 successful claims 79.3% were awarded a total award of between £0 and £19,999.00

Costs  were only awarded in 9 cases. In one a Claimant was successful in having the costs of a Grade A fee earner allowed on the basis that: ” With the Respondent conducting their case in such a devious manner, nothing less than a Grade A fee earner would have been appropriate to deal with it.” Ouch!