Liakopoulou v Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

I have tweaked. Liakopoulou v Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust In light of recent events involving Chelsea and West Ham fans on trains this week we would like to highlight a recent case of the week we published involving gross misconduct outside of work time. This week’s case also involves gross misconduct. The question this [...]

Statutory Dismissal Procedure………refusing to die……….

Although the SDP has now been repealed, it is still not dead and burried. We will continue to see appeal cases for some time yet. The EAT has published one such case today, which holds that where an employee appeals outside of the time limit contained in the employer's disciplinary procedure, that delay in appealing [...]

Informal Resolution of Disciplinary Matters

In West London Mental Health NHS Trust v Sarkar the EAT have considered the impact of an employer seeking to deal with a disciplinary allegation in an informal manner through negotiation and without recourse to the full disciplinary procedure but on failure of those negotiations reverting back to use of the full disciplinary procedure and [...]