Hot Weather Working – What Employers Need To Know

It’s the last Friday of the month which means we have a roundup of all June’s employment law news for you. In last week’s case law update we looked at an EU decision regarding holiday pay. In terms of political turmoil and human tragedy, 2017 seems to be doing its upmost to outdo 2016. Thankfully, [...]

Egon Zehnder Ltd v Tillman – Do the Geographic & Temporal Markets influence Restrictive Covenants?

Our next case concerns restrictive covenants. The enforceability of covenants can be a problematic area for many employers, especially those involved in sales. For the uninitiated, restrictive covenants are a contractual clause that limits a former employee’s activities post-termination in order to protect a legitimate business interest. These interests can include: clients, staff, competitors and information. [...]

Shared Parental Leave – Latest Statistics

A survey by CIPD has found that just 5% of fathers and 8% of mothers have opted to take shared parental leave since it was introduced 18 months ago.  We previously discussed why take up was so low and this survey added it may also be because free childcare is only applicable to children aged 3 and [...]

Autumn statement – Salary Sacrifice scrapped

One expected change made in the statement was the reduction of benefits allowed in salary sacrifice schemes. Salary sacrifice schemes allow an employer to take the cost of a work place benefit (such as a phone, emission friendly car, childcare, healthcare, or pension contributions) to be taken out of the employee’s salary. This means the [...]