Feedback of the Week

We've had some great feedback from Sam and Liam's clients this week. Sam's client said: "Samantha was very thorough & efficient in dealing with my case throughout. Emma provided good support. I will very happily recommend PJH law for employment law matters." RB Liam's client said: "I had a redundancy settlement agreement that Liam Pike [...]

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Bayfield and Jenner v Wunderman Thompson ( UK) Ltd

An Employment Tribunal decision involving an Ad Agency has highlighted the dangers for employers of taking an overly aggressive approach to reducing gender pay gaps. It also provides a reminder that all discrimination is unlawful, even where the victims are from a historically privileged group. With a high published gender pay gap, Wunderman Thompson’s creative [...]

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Thomas and Others v FW Farnsworth Ltd (t/a Pizza Factory)

This week’s case looks at implied terms and when the payment of an enhanced redundancy payment as set out by a collective agreement will become a contractual term by way of ‘custom and practice’. This week’s case looks at implied terms and when the payment of an enhanced redundancy payment as set out by a [...]

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Feedback of the Week

It's always greatly appreciated when clients take the time to  give us their feedback, this week's comes from one of Sam's clients: “Great service from Samantha at PJH Law who provided excellent professional advice and guidance. She clearly and succinctly explained the issues at hand. There was a speedy turnaround of documents at all times. [...]

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Mr Shafqat Shah and Mr Samuel Adjei v Bounds Taxis Ltd

When is a taxi driver not a taxi driver? When he’s a worker! Ok, maybe not the funniest of jokes. But it is this week’s Case of the Week. The Employment Tribunal, in a landmark ruling, has stated that private hire taxi drivers are workers and not self-employed. Employment rights all depend on the legal [...]

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Follows v Nationwide Building Society

Employment Tribunal Allows Claim for Indirect Associative Discrimination Hello and welcome back to our case of the week blog. This week’s case looks at a landmark employment tribunal decision to uphold a claim for indirect associative discrimination. What is indirect associative discrimination? It helps to rehearse the basics of discrimination law. Direct discrimination is where [...]

Shipp v City Sprint UK Limited

This week’s Case of The Week demonstrates that what some colleagues might perceive to be office banter and ‘a bit of a laugh’ may well result in employers paying out a hefty sum in compensation. We also see how an attitude of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ can land an employer in hot water. [...]

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Appleby v Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

This week, we’re looking at whistleblowing in the context of the Tavistock and Portman NHS trust – mostly known for its Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), which aims to assist those experiencing gender dysphoria. Lately, the GIDS has been fraught with bad publicity. In 2019, one of its board members – a senior psychiatrist – [...]

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Farnham-Oliver v RM Educational Resources

This week's case of the week asks the question: Can an employee who settles his tribunal claim by COT3 then bring another claim in the county court? Yes, says the high court. The Facts The Claimant was a customer adviser working in an office. Following accusations of disability discrimination and failure to make reasonable adjustments, [...]

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Dopson v Stag Publications Ltd

Age Based Jibe Lands Magazine Company in Hot Water This week we look at a case involving age discrimination and constructive dismissal. A 62-year-old grandmother has lost an age discrimination case against her former employer, Stag Productions Ltd. The Respondent is a magazine company. It published an article reviewing the new Renault Kadjar. The article [...]

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Joined Cases C-804/18 and C-341/19 WABE and MH Müller Handel

Hello and welcome to this week’s case of the week. This week, we will be looking at whether a company policy that requires employees to remove their hijabs is discriminatory. This is an EU law case. We are no longer in the EU, so this law is no longer binding in our courts, but nevertheless [...]

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Arturs Kurklis

"Thank you for your time and effort and believing in me and winning the case together with me for justice! I’m proud and lucky that you all as a team accepted me and my case and believed in me. I am grateful from bottom Of my heart."

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Cunningham v Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd

Hello and welcome to our case of the week. Last week we looked at whistleblowing and the burden of proof, this week we look at unfair dismissal and procedural unfairness in the context of a BLM quip. Facts Mrs. Cunnington worked at a Sainsbury’s store in Birmingham. One morning shift, at the height of the [...]

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